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Zawsze są jakieś boczne drzwi.


Krystyna Kwiatkowska (b. 23 September 1953 in Radomsko , died. 13 October 2005 in Lodz ) - Polish writer of fantasy inspired by the historic Celtic legends, a poet and painter.

She graduated from the Polish literature at the University of Lodz . In the seventies and eighties worked in the democratic opposition.

As a poet her debut in 1978 , in the monthly "Więź." In 1980 she was awarded first prize at the XIII National Poetry Festival in Lodz, the debut volume of "Antigone grow in different climates, growing out of the experience of poetry originally processed the New Wave . In 1994 released a collection of poems "I prefer those who err".

In 1998 he published the novel "The True Story of Morgan le Fay and the Knights of the Round Table" , which was nominated for the Prize of Janusz A. Zajdel. In the same year received a special mention of the Silesian Fantasy Club - "Śląkfa" . Other of her work is a collection of fantasy stories inspired by the legend of Robin Hood "Straight from the Sherwood . She also issued a collection of Indian stories, "How to talk to an idiot" and the selection of political quotes "Polish apple democracy" .

In addition to poetry and fiction, practiced literary criticism , writing screenplays together with Jacek Kowalczyk screenplay "Hunger", highlighted the prestigious prize of Andrzej Munk and how-to book "Youth has no age", 2002.

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